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Intelligence Support

When forensic recoveries are properly processed and recorded, they are a major intelligence source for investigators and analysts. The majority of publications about forensic science cover best practices and basic advice about evidence recovery and storage. Forensic intelligence takes the subject of forensics one step further and describes how to use the evidence recovered for extended analysis and the dissemination of new forensic intelligence.

Forensic Intelligence

Both US and foreign regulatory authorities are keeping a closer watch on the varied and numerous relationships that global businesses may have with suppliers, vendors, clients, joint venture partners, holding companies, and other business partners, and are holding businesses responsible for the actions of their third-party partners. Recent government enforcement actions and other anti-corruption laws, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, have made it imperative for companies to conduct risk-related due diligence on third-party relationships.

Investigations Binder

As businesses become more global, many companies are also stepping up their due diligence efforts prior to transactions, such as an acquisition or joint venture, in order to better understand the background, reputation, and business track record of the various counterparts. Knowing whether an individual or business is operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations is a critical component in the success of the transaction.

Built upon a partner's proprietary analytics platform, the ASD Exploit tool can be extended to leverage a suite of advanced data analytic technologies and approaches designed for anti-fraud and anti-corruption efforts. By employing a risk engine, geospatial and text analytics, along with predictive and visual capabilities, clients may utilize their data to generate additional insight into the parties with whom they conduct business. Designed as a powerful, yet intuitive vehicle for advisors, investigators, and appropriate company personnel to target potential high-risk entities, ASD Exploit can include these insights.

Exploit programs and activities may be enhanced through additional data analyses. ASD Exploit can aggregate relevant data, such as research request volume, subject locations, the categorization and geographical location of adverse findings, and more for the purposes of identifying trends as well as potential global client locations requiring additional diligence efforts. This type of capability can aid companies in developing internal risk management strategies, compliance procedures, and other controls essential to addressing potential risk issues in relevant jurisdictions.

IT Security

Stemming from our Logicteer experience, ASD has been involved with network and data security since 2006. IT security is a growing concern and is becoming a greater problem as international terrorist and rogue states continue to penetrate our networks, systems, applications, and data. From pranks, to sabotage, to thievery, and now to control/influence, intrusion has become a serious matter that requires constant due diligence.

We can secure your networks, harden your data and applications, and identify the types of people trying to penetrate your network. By the time most organizations determine they need professionally trained experts in IT security, they are feeling the impact of the attack. Knowing is better than not knowing, but some organizations have already been penetrated, and their data has been stolen, used, or sold, and yet they might not be aware of the critical situation they will soon face. Few companies have risk plans or triggers prepared to thwart the attack or repercussions once the attack occurs, but we can provide you with one.