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How to Acquire ASD's Services from MOBIS

GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) has established streamlined procedures to enable agencies to acquire PSS contractors quickly and easily. These guidelines require agencies to consider at least three PSS contractors and select the one that provides the best value. To obtain our services, an agency needs to follow the following steps:

  1. ASD meets with the project sponsors to discuss the project goals, agree on outcomes and deliverables, define the level of effort, and determine if the contract should be a fixed price or a fixed-labor category rate.
  2. We prepare a proposal that documents the scope of the effort and provide costs using the PSS schedule for the services required (SIN 874-1: Consulting; SIN 874-2: Facilitation; SIN 874-7: Program Integration and Project Management).
  3. The project sponsor reviews the proposal, modifying it as needed.
  4. The project sponsor compares our rates with two other PSS contractors.
  5. After selecting the contractor who provides the best value, the project sponsor follows the agency's internal procedures to secure the contract.
  6. After receiving the required documentation from the project sponsor, the contracting officer places the order directly with us.

*Online access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, and up-to-date pricing is available through GSA Advantage!

GSA Schedule Information

Contracting Specifics for PSS GS 10F-0004K
Special Item Numbers Available

  • SIN 874-1/RC: Integrated Consulting Services
  • SIN 874-7/RC: Integrated Business Program Support Services