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Program and Project Management

ASD works closely with our clients to deploy enhanced project management solutions and organizational planning to achieve the desired goals and maximize the return on investment. Each client challenge is unique in its scope and objectives. We develop custom solutions drawing from our range of services listed below:


ASD provides a number of diagnostic services to define an organization's "as-is" situation, from which issues and improvements can be defined into an overall "blueprint" that provides directions. We have tools and approaches to deal with critical aspects of change, such as:

  • Project Management Assessment Inventory
  • Assessment of Organizational Support
  • Project Management Maturity Model
  • Gap Analysis
  • Project Audits and Health Checks

Small Meeting

*These can be applied according to our client's requirements from a straightforward, unaudited approach to on-site coordination and support.

Professional Development

Professional development has been our core component for over 15 years. We have a full curriculum of project management-related development. The curriculum is targeted at both "topic area" and "career level" and delivered in a number of different ways, such as "in-class" and "public" training, and "e-learning." What differentiates us is our ability to fully customize our training to meet specific client needs by incorporating as much, or as little, of the client's practice as required.

Coaching, Facilitation, and Management

Professional development on its own is often not enough. We recognize that clients frequently require follow-up support, neutral coordination, external knowledge, and sometimes just an extra resource to do the job. This service is provided in a number of different ways that best suits the client. We apply knowledge directly to a "real-life" project, enabling the customer to maximize the benefits of our coaching.

Methodology and Tools

We design, develop, and implement project management governance, process, procedures, templates, and tools. Clients select the level of training required. Design typically involves consultation and definition, which the client's personnel then develop. Development involves the coordination, validation, and verification of content. Implementation ensures new methods and tools are properly and effectively communicated and used by appropriate personnel.

Competency Mapping and Career Development

Many organizations need a consistent approach to measuring and developing their project management community. This helps align projects with the most appropriately qualified project managers, provides a structured career path for project personnel, enables effective succession planning for an organization's key resource pool and helps motivate staff, improves efficiency, and reduces project risk. We design, develop and implement competency models that include such elements as:

  • Tiered Project Management Career "Ladders" Aligned to Existing Resource Groups
  • Roles and Competency Requirements for Project Personnel
  • A Defined "Bench Mark" of Competence for Different Roles
  • Mapping of Training and Development to Competency Profiles
  • Tools That Assess Performance and Ability against the "Benchmark" Target
  • Mapping of Project Management Specific Remunerations

Technology and Automation

We have helped its clientele select an automating technology that meets their needs, resulting in concrete business performance improvements. Diagnosis and assessment of an existing business process should always be the first steps in any technology-implemented solution. From the diagnosis, we can implement enhanced, integrated business processes, and select the appropriate technology that provides automation. We adapt our approach depending on the organization's project management maturity and methodology. This allows the careful selection of an automating technology that meets an actual need, rather than speculation.

Project Office Development and Consultancy

We offer planning to help develop project offices at an enterprise (portfolio), program, and/or project level. Services we provide include:

  • System for Identifying, Filtering, Selecting, and Prioritizing Projects in a Consistent Manner against a Standard Set of Criteria
  • A Process, Procedure, and Tool for Reviewing Projects and Programs at an Individual Level, and a Portfolio Level Ensuring a Balanced Mix
  • An Approach to Effective Resource Planning and Capacity Management That More Effectively Utilizes Resources and Manages the Capacity the Organization Has Against the Portfolio of Work
  • The Transition, Migration, and Sustainment of Project Management Practice
  • Assistance for Troubled Projects Ranging from Recovery to Enforced Project Closure

Program and Project Management

ASD specializes in Technical and Construction Projects and can deploy the following:

  • Microsoft Project Pro, Microsoft Server, and Primavera
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) and Resource Loading
  • Professional Schedulers Who Are Certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI-SP)
  • Professional Project Managers Who Are PMI-PMP Certified
  • Certified Portfolio Managers
  • Certified Risk Managers
  • PMO Policies and Guidelines
  • System Development Lifecycle Templates and Guidelines
  • Portfolio Management Tools