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​​IT Solutions

In today’s world, communication and information are critical to the success of any program.  The high rate of speed at which we communicate today and the high expectations on quality, form, comprehensiveness, and clarity of information at anytime, anywhere, requires a complete review of end-to-end performance, security, redundancy, capability, scalability, and flexibility.

ASD IT Engineers bring a broad range of skills to the table to manage projects and provide subject-matter experts to the client.  ASD will provide the right PM, with the right engineering team to ensure successful solutions and well-managed projects.

Where ASD Brings Expertise and Value Add:

  • Security
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Datacenter Design, Build, and Management
  • Software Development
  • Networking
  • Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Wireless Communications and Applications
  • Remote Monitoring
  • VoIP
  • Program Management
  • Asset Refresh and Upgrades
  • Asset Management and Tracking

Datacenter Design, Build, and Management 

Design is critical to life-cycle costs, capabilities, and operations.  More independent systems in a datacenter, creates a need for more energy, which creates a greater need for cooling, which creates a greater need for more energy and space.  Managing your systems reduces energy consumption, lengthens infrastructure life cycles, and reduces maintenance cost.

The use of integrated, real-time data with multi-dimensional perspectives helps to accurately depict the use of power and cooling resources and to allow for appropriate infrastructure right-sizing. This discipline of right-sizing prevents organizations from under-provisioning the infrastructure, which could lead to costly downtime, as well as over-provisioning resources, which could translate into millions of wasted investment dollars. Only by obtaining an IT view into the data center facility can organizations gain an accurate, real-time snapshot of the current state of the data center infrastructure.

Real-Time Infrastructure Monitoring offers many benefits including:

  • Accurately determining power consumption and saving energy.
  • Preventing outages
  • Reducing downtime
  • Monitoring multiple remote locations
  • Streamlining complex data center monitoring.

"Going Green" isn't just a nice, politically-correct catch phrase, but a smart way to run Datacenter Operations.