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Wally Simpkin has over 30 years of combined professional and military experience. He currently leverages his considerable IT Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) and IT Portfolio Management expertise to lead our the Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) practice, including oversight of all CPIC processes, monthly Federal Information Technology Dashboard (ITDB) inputs, and reporting for Portfolio Management, and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars and Exhibits. He works with our clients to draft, refine, and execute CPIC and ITIM policies and procedures, consults with Program Managers and Investment Sponsors on how to build and improve upon their OMB Exhibits, as well as other OMB-required artifacts. He possesses and exercises outstanding leadership and management skills at all organizational levels, as well as excellent communications, interpersonal, organizational and computer skills. As a goal-oriented strategist, whose confidence and vision promote success, he is skilled at organizing complex projects, defining priorities, and able to communicate technical information effectively with individuals of all levels.